We are independent experts in solar energy and battery storage. Her to design a system to maximize your savings from SOLAR .

Whether exploring the benefits solar, batteries or helping the transition to electrified transport, we have always been driven by a real commitment to the big picture. To build a future that is powered by the sun.

Whether you’re ready to go solar, want seasoned experts to look after your PV, or if you need a straight talking introduction to battery storage or EV charging, we can help.

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EV Chargers

Our systems start from just


Return on investment is from 4% up to 15% depending on system size and your existing electricity use. 

Stag Solar Solutions provide realistic, financial projections for all projects. These are based on customers existing historical usage data and manufacturers design software including 3D modelling. 

We only sell well known, established brands and always take the time to complete our installations to the highest possible standards.

Using Google Earth, we can measure your property and advise you of the potential maximum system size you could install

You don’t need to have a pure South facing roof to get great results from Solar PV. These systems work well on South, East and West facing too.

Panels can of course be ground mounted or placed on a garage or outbuilding also.

SolarEdge Systems produce excellent output even with panels on multiple aspects South, East and West combined. 

Why not ask for a no obligation design.