Perfect for anyone who can shift their electricity use outside of the 4pm – 7pm peak. That means everyone with a GivEnergy battery storage system.

Enjoy cheaper electricity prices when wholesale prices fall.

With Agile Octopus, you get access to half-hourly energy prices, tied to wholesale prices and updated daily. So when wholesale prices drop, so do your bills – and if you can shift your daily electricity use outside of peak times with the use of a GivEnergy battery storage system, you can save even more.

Plunge Pricing – it pays you to take excess energy off the grid

When a situation occurs where there is more electricity generated than consumed, energy prices fall. Simple economics of supply and demand. Sometimes these prices drop below zero, and suppliers are paid to take energy off the grid.
Agile Octopus has introduced “Plunge Pricing” – a world first that lets you take advantage of these negative price events, and get paid for the electricity you use.

The GivEnergy battery system can be controlled automatically to take advantage of Plunge Prices and super cheap prices. With solar panels and a battery storage system your electric unit price is either zero or damn cheap.

How does Agile Octopus work?

At 4pm every day, your unit rates are updated for the next 24 hours, based on the wholesale market rates. The GivEnergy battery storage system is then programmed by Octopus Energy to make best use of the cheapest electric, if needed.

Your solar PV and battery gives you free electric then, if needed, you use electricity from the grid. The programming of the GivEnergy battery prevents you from buying expensive rate electric.

Solar PV, GivEnergy battery storage and Agile Octopus energy could reduce your energy bills by over 85% and ALL your electric comes from a renewable green source. You win and the environment wins.

The GivEnergy battery system keeps you away from these peak prices.

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